Al a Carte Menu 2015

Al a Carte Menu

Subject to change without notice


Classic Namibian Oysters R20.00 each
Namibian oysters, served chilled on a bed of ice with fresh lemon wedges and Tabasco

Sangrita with Tequila and Oyster Shot R24.50
Served in a shot glass with spicy Mexican tomato cocktail and a dash of tequila

Portuguese Mussel’s R65.00
West coast mussel’s sautéed with garlic, peri peri spice, basil pesto butter and drenched in a spicy tomato Passata

Chardonnay Mussels R65.00
Fresh cape mussels in a Cream sauce, infused with fresh garlic, herbs and with a dash of chardonnay

Grilled Garlic Butter Scallops R85.00
Bay scallops grilled with a creamed garlic and parsley butter topped with parmesan cheese. Served on a bed of savoury rice

Deep-Fried Calamari R60.00
Tender baby Falkland calamari deep fried, served with savoury rice and a caper mayonnaise (CAJUN optional)

Cajun Grilled Calamari R60.00
Tender baby Falkland calamari grilled, served with savoury rice and a caper mayonnaise (garlic and herb optional)

Avocado Crayfish R75.00
Succulent tails topped with sweet chili mayo, sesame seeds chopped spring onion and avocado

Venison Carpaccio with Citrus Ponzu R60.00
Finely sliced venison served with a roasted red pepper and balsamic vinaigrette green onion and watercress salad, finished off with an Asian ponzu dressing

Jacks Greek Salad R65.00
Traditional Mediterranean salad tossed with pickled vegetables, feta and olives

Smoked Salmon Nicoise Salad R85.00
Hot smoked salmon, baby potatoes, fresh asparagus, roma tomatoes spring onions on a garden leaf salad and topped with grated egg, finished off with a creamy dill dressing.

Tomato, Mozzarella and Avocado Salad R55.00
Sliced tomato with anchovies, mozzarella and avocado drizzled with Genovese basil pesto dressing

Mussel Chowder R50.00
Made with mussels from the cape coast, fresh vegetables, garden peas and Flavoured with saffron

Classic Bouillabaisse R50.00
Traditional French seafood soup flavoured with saffron, fennel and Italian parsley

Main course


West Coast Rock Lobster (live) R770.00p/kg
South Coast Rock Lobster (live) R850.00p/kg
Select your own from our tanks. Priced by weight
Grilled, steamed, cold or thermidor served with savoury rice and a trio of sauces

Lobster Special R275.00
Served grilled, steamed or thermidor with savoury rice and a trio of sauces

Prawn Saganaki R175.00
Marinated in a blend of Indian spices then pan fried with garlic, olive oil, topped with feta, roma tomatoes and fresh coriander

Wild Abalone R1665.00 p/kg
Select your own from our tanks, priced by weight, grilled with garlic and served in shell with savoury rice

Sizzling King Prawns (6) XL R365.00
Grilled with a squeeze of lemon, olive oil and spice
Served with savoury rice (peri peri optional)

Butter Prawns (16) M R175.00
Pan fried with butter, chilies, garlic, curry leaves and soy sauce accompanied by savoury rice

Deep Fried Prawns (18) M R190.00
Deep fried and served with a choice of lemon, garlic or peri peri sauce and accompanied by savoury rice

Mozambique Langoustines Grilled R360.00
Plain grilled
Served with savoury rice

Mozambique Langoustines Thermidor R360.00
Drenched in a mustard mushroom sauce then topped with cheese and gratinated to perfection served with savoury rice

Fish n squid

Catch of the day

Choice of Kingklip/Baby Kingklip R150.00 Dorado R135.00 Tuna R135.00
Ask your waiter about the catch of the day

Sesame Baby Kingklip R150.00
Pan fried with a sweet Asian plum sauce, topped with a julienne of springs, red pepper, baby corn, and cashew nut stir fry and drenched with an Asian marinade of sesame, soy and ginger

Kingklip Florentine R150.00
Served on a bed of creamed spinach, topped with Mornay sauce and lightly gratinated with gruyere cheese

Seared Tuna with Basil Pesto R150.00
Flame grilled to your choice then topped with Genovese basil pesto and served on a homemade Italian fettuccine

Salmon Teriyaki R165.00
Norwegian salmon marinated in soy then flame grilled to your choice and served with an Asian noodle stir fry

Deep-fried Calamari R138.00
Tender baby Falkland calamari tubes and tentacles deep fried, served with savoury rice and a caper mayonnaise (Cajun optional)

Cajun Grilled Calamari R138.00
Grilled baby calamari tubes and tentacles spiced with our homemade Cajun spice, served with savory rice and caper mayonnaise


Seafood Grill Misto for Two R670.00
Served in a pan, Lobster, langoustines, prawns, Kingklip, grilled Cajun calamari, mussels in Portuguese sauce accompanied by savoury rice and a trio of sauces

Seafood Platter for Two R510.00
Served in a pan, Kingklip, calamari strips, grilled scallops with garlic butter, mussels with cream sauce, deep fried prawns and grilled baby Mozambique lobster accompanied by savoury rice and a trio of sauces

Crustacean Platter for One R580.00 Two R985.00
Served in a pan, tiger giants, king prawns, langoustines, baby Mozambique lobster grilled garlic butter scallops accompanied by savoury rice and a trio of sauces


Seafood Thai Curry R190.00
Coconut curry packed with angel fish, prawns and mussels and served with fragrant rice

Prawn Thai Curry R150.00
Mild eastern curry flavoured with coconut, coriander, ginger, chilli and served with fragrant rice

Peking Duck R130.00
Crisp and tender succulent Peking duck battered, deep fried served with savoury rice and hoi san sesame sauce

Fettuccine al Salmon R145.00
Atlantic salmon tossed with traditional homemade Italian fettuccine in a parmesan cream and asparagus sauce

Fettuccine Verde R145.00
Homemade Italian fettuccine tossed with pesto cream sauce mushrooms, asparagus, topped with pine nuts and sprinkled parmesan
(With chicken) R145.00
From the char grill

Sirloin R125.00
Sirloin flame grilled to your choice served with a port mushroom or pepper sauce
Add accompaniments


Banoffee Pie R40.00
Ginger nut biscuit crust topped with caramel, freshly sliced banana and crème fraiche

Chocolate Volcano R50.00
A rich chocolate soufflé made with Belgian chocolate and served with a dollop of vanilla gelato

Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse R50.00
A rich chocolate base blended with walnuts buried under a hazelnut and chocolate mousse and sprinkled with toasted almonds

Fruit Sorbets R35.00
Light and refreshing sorbet made from fresh fruit and berries, perfect for a hot summers day

Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce R35.00
Smooth and creamy Italian style vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce

Toffee Apple Pudding R50.00
A rich toffee pudding filled with stewed apples and topped with a toffee cream sauce

Add Accompaniments
Baby potatoes savoury rice basmati rice R10.00
Seasonal veg side salad chips onion rings R15.00