Tank Crew was started by Sandi-Lee in 2006. From starting in Johannesburg as a crew agent she moved to Durban and started her agency there and then moved on to Cape Town. Tank is nothing without their crew and therefore take great pride in the crew that we represent. Our crew range from PA’s all the way up to your DOP’s. Our crew take pride in what they do and therefore offer experience and professionalism.

We also take pride in our professional, fast and efficient response to all the Production Houses that we work with which are too many to mention. We now represent crew in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

Tank abide by the CPA (Commercial Producers Association) guideline

Contact TANK

Sandi-Lee Slabbert
Email: sandi-lee@tankcrew.co.za
Phone: 021 671 4791
A/H: 082 569 9266
Website: www.tankcrew.co.za

Shireen Ishmail
Email: accounts@tankcrew.co.za

Phone: 021 671 4791