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Panama Jacks Lunch Menu


Mussel Chowder R25.00
Made with mussels from the Cape coast, fresh vegetables, garden peas and flavoured with saffron.

Cuban Black Bean and Lamb Soup R30.00
Made with lamb from the Karoo and spiced with cumin, garlic, balsamic vinegar and fresh coriander.

Calamari R30.00
Tender calamari strips deep-fried and served with rice and a caper mayonnaise.
(Cajun optional)

Smoked Salmon Carpaccio R40.00
Finely sliced Norwegian smoked salmon, sliced red onion, micros herbs, dill and caper dressing.

Avocado Seafood R35.00
Monkfish and prawns topped with avocado, sweet chilli mayo, chopped spring onions, fresh coriander and served on a bed of garden greens.

Sautéed Chicken livers R30.00
Pan-fried with a tomato Passata, fresh coriander, garlic, chilli and served with crusted bread.

Escargots R40.00
Six snails topped with a creamed garlic and parmesan butter and gratinated to perfection, served with sesame seed bread.

Spring Rolls
Prawn (2) R35.00 or Vegetable (2) R30.00
Served with sweet chilli sauce.

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Garden Greens

Greek Salad R35.00
With feta and olives, pickled peppers, cocktail tomato fresh herbs

Caprese Salad R40.00
With fresh greens, mozzarella tomato, anchovies, basil pesto.

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Seafood Platter for 2 R220.00
Fresh hake, calamari, garlic mussels, prawns all in a pan and served on a bed of savoury rice and a selection of sauces.

Hake Achar R70.00
Fresh hake grilled with a blend of spices and topped with our home made pickled atchar.
Add accompaniment.

Fish Thai Curry R70.00
Fresh line fish in a Thai curry sauce served with sambals.
Add accompaniment.

Tempura Hake R70.00
Fresh Atlantic hake, tempura battered and served with tartar sauce.
Add accompaniment

Line Fish

Fresh Atlantic hake R70.00
Baby Kingklip R85.00
Plain or spicy Grilled.
Add accompaniment.

Portuguese Mussels for 2 R135.00
Local half shell black mussels sautéed with fresh chilli, garlic, basil pesto and drenched in a tomato Passata.

Peri Peri Prawns R85.00
Medium prawns sautéed with periperi, garlic freshly squeezed lemon.
Add accompaniment.

Butter Prawns R85.00
Medium prawns sautéed with garlic, chilli, curry leaves and soya sauce.
Add accompaniment.

Deep-Fried Prawns R85.00
Medium prawns fast fried and served with three sauces.
Add accompaniment.

West Coast Crayfish
Grilled local crustacean from our coastline (450g) R180.00
Grilled local crustacean from our coastline (600g) R250.00
Add accompaniment.

Fettuccine Marinara R50.00
Homemade Italian fettuccine tossed with a selection of seafood’s, tomato Passata and a dash of parmesan.

Fettuccine Verde R40.00
Homemade Italian fettuccine tossed with pesto cream sauce, fresh asparagus, zucchini and a dash of parmesan.

Peking Duck 85.00
Crispy and tender succulent Peking duck battered and deep-fried served with savoury rice and hoi san sesame sauce.

Chicken Tikka Massala 70.00
Chicken breast fillet marinated in yoghurt and spices and then cooked in a tomato cream sauce and served with savoury rice.

Teriyaki Beef R90.00
Flame grilled rump chunks skewered with peppers, onion and mushrooms and marinated in a teriyaki sauce.
Add accompaniment.

Rump (300g) R90.00 (400g) R120.00
Prime beef rump flame grilled to your choice served with a mushroom or pepper sauce.
Add accompaniment.

Rice, Baby potatoes R10.00
Salad, Chips, Onion Rings R15.00

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Italian Kisses (3 lollipops) R20.00

Ice Cream and Choc Sauce (2 balls) R22.00

Sorbet (2 balls) R22.00

African Amarula
Cool peppermint
Austrian Stroh Rum
Italian kahlua
Pjs frangelico
French brandy

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