Situated in table by harbour and set in the working half of cape town docks, unique in its setting with all the hustle and bustle of a commercial port going about its daily business. Born circa 1989 before the open of the v & a waterfront, Panama Jacks has evolved from a boatyard servicing the royal cape yacht club to a quality seafood restaurant known all over the world fresh seawater tanks hold live lobster and abalone, choose your own and pay for what they weigh. This wooden shack with its low bedecked ceiling seats 180 people in a relaxed Caribbean atmosphere where emphasis is on the food quality. Live lobster and live abalone, fresh line fish daily, plus prawns from china, langoustines form Mozambique, calamari form chile, oysters from Namibia and mussels from Saldanha bay. Our sushi bar – a natural addition to our menu for discerning seafood lovers, complements panama jacks seafood menu. For a second year running panama jacks has achieved a dinner club gold wine award of the year quality wines to suit all pockets and a selection of more than 120 wines from which to choose from, help make an outing at Panama Jacks a memorable one.

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