Directions & Maps

Get yourself to the very bottom of Adderley Street until you reach the robots directly underneath the highway. The conference centre will be on your left. Turn right and travel under the highway- this is the beginning of the  N1.  At the 2nd set of robots (Christan Barnard Intersection)  turn left  and you will come to the security- sign in and tell them you are on your way to Panama Jacks.  You will then come to a stop on the railway line.This is Duncan dock road. Turn right and travel for+- 2 kilometers- after which you will find our Panama Jacks Sign on the left. (You will pass on your left the Royal Cape Yacht Club on the way and a little further a large rust boat on the left and just further on the very tall corrugated iron warehouse building, but you will see our Panama Jacks sign on the left just after this tall building with the name DAMEN). Turn left at the PANAMA JACKS SIGN and we will be on the right hand side.


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